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My rim blow steering wheel came Saturday, it looks great, better than some N.O.S. rim blows I have seen.  I'll be sending out a couple more, we have another 69 Shelby to restore.  The guy came in Saturday to talk price on the car....showed him the restored wheel, it sold the job. Thanks again for a job well done!

- Michael Vetalice (Independence, OH)

The wheel is on and looks great thanks again!!!!

- Chris Farmer (Bothell, WA)

I received my rim blow wheel on Thursday. I am very pleased about the restoration you did. I installed it  the next day and was able to use it at the MCA nationals. I received a first place award for my entry! Thank you for your efforts to help me receive it before the show! I told many people about you and my 'new' rim blow wheel at the show, hopefully others will contact you for a beautiful wheel such as mine!..........Thanks again.........

- Rick McQuown (Louisville, KY)

I received the wheel on Saturday as planned. I was like a kid at Christmas opening my gifts. You did a great job. I am so happy with the outcome, the wheel will really help complete my car once we start the restoration this winter. I can't wait until next spring, I'll be sure to send you and John from Cascade Classics pictures when it's done. I wish I could leave you feedback but I can't since we did this off eBay. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me anytime. Also, don't forget to send me a note once you get your website set up. I think you'll draw a lot more business with a website. Again,thanks and give yourself a big pat on the back from me. A job very well done.

- Gary Carlin (Livingston, MT)

We received the rim blow wheel you did for looks great and is on the car already. That was the last thing on the list to get it back to the build sheet. Now we can truly say it's done - finally. Thanks again.

- Steve and Judy Coe (Quesnel, BC, Canada)

Got the rimblow steering wheel back today Jay. BEAUTIFUL!  Thanks for all your hard work. I am confident our customer will be very pleased with the quality. Sincerely, Beverly on behalf of Mashburn Mustang Center Inc.

- Beverly (Bryant, AR)

Got the wheel and it LOOKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!  If you need a rim blow deluxe wheel done I have to  recommend BEST IN SHOW out in CA. I sent a wheel to him and he did a great job. It went from  black to red and had a number of cracks and chrome fixed on a 70 rim blow. Will be sending him two more to work on.

- Stu Nembrotti (Randolph, NJ)

Hello Jay, the wheel showed up the other day. Very nice wheel! Thanks again!

- Rob (Sweden)


Dude!  The wheel is amazing!!!!!  I go on July 30 to install it to the newly rebuilt steering column  in Virginia where the car is being restored. Very excited and your work is superb. Tested the rim blow switch and it's working great.  Any time you want a reference (not that you need it) I will be happy to speak well of you and your company.  I mean it.  Thanks!

- Tony Kotula (Stamford, CT)

Beautiful job on the rimblow wheel!!!!!  I can't find the transaction on eBay to leave you positive feedback.  I will recommend you to anyone who asks while on the car show circuit.  Thank you!!!!

- Brian Herrick (Louisville, KY)

Got the steering wheel yesterday, and put it on the car today.  It was so worth the wait!  It turned out great. Many thanks

- Bill McDermott (Jacksonville, FL)


Hi, I received my rim blow back yesterday. Beautiful shape! Thanks a lot, I will definitely keep your email address & phone number if I ever have another wheel to do. Thanks again...

- Jeremy Anderson (Spring Valley, WI)

The steering wheels are beautiful!  Thanks for doing such a great job!!

- Chris Mizzi (Dearborn, MI)

Hello Jay,  just got in the wheel.  Looks great!  Can't wait to finish the car to see how it will look with a full interior. Thanks again for a superb job!

- Patrick Yeko (Waukesha, WI)

Just got my Shelby rimblow wheel back this afternoon.  I had to write you to let you know I am super happy with the quality and craftsmanship of your work.  My NOS rimblow switch that I sent you looks great installed, fits like a glove. Thanks again, I can't wait to get the wheel back on the car!

- Bill Herrera (Round Rock, TX)

Good Morning Jay, I finally got to open the box last night.  My first word was WOW!  My wife's was BEAUTIFUL!  I can't get over how my tired, 47 year old rim blow wheel has been brought back to better than new!  The folks that work on the restorations are truly artisans.  Thanks for the spectacular job and please let the folks know who had a hand in the restoration they are true craftsmen!!

- Rich Berryman (Lincoln, MA)

Thank you for such a fine restoration on my steering wheel!  A  buddy of mine from my local Mustang Club had seen your work online and told me about your website.  I'm glad I found you guys!  I have already gotten several compliments in regards to the rim blow wheel you did at 2 shows I attended last month.  I will speak highly of your business to anyone who is interested in a rim blow steering wheel restoration and hopefully get some business headed your way.  Thanks again and y'all take care!

- Jonathan Isaacs (Marrieta, GA)

My 68 Cougar wheel looks awesome Jay, thanks for doing such a great job.  The interior is now complete and the steering wheel makes it all come together.  The light blue on the wheel matches the rest of the interior perfectly.  A truly
satisfied customer!

- Brian Whythes (Santa Barbara, CA)

Jay you are the rimblow king!  No one would even touch my Cadillac wheel after seeing how bad it was.  I can't believe this is even the same steering wheel.  The Ford rimblow horn switch you used looks like it was made for this wheel, it's crazy how well it fits. I have a 69 Shelby which also has a rimblow wheel which I will definitely be sending you to restore in the near future. Thanks once again for your fine work sir.

- Mark Hyde (Seattle, WA)